3D Championships
Master, Senior, Junior & Cadet: $130.00
Cub & Pre-Cub: $90.00
Field Championships
Master, Senior, Junior & Cadet: $90.00
Cub & Pre-Cub: $60.00
target championships
Master, Senior, Junior & Cadet: $140.00
Cub & Pre-Cub: $120.00

If registering for any 2 events (3D & Field, Field & Target, or 3D & Target)

Master, Senior, Junior & Cadet: $200
Cub & Pre-Cub: $135.00

If interested in attending and shooting all 3 events (3D, Field and Target), please contact the Host Organizing Committee:


For the 2022 Canadian Outdoor Championships a number of new formats are being piloted. The intent in the changes made is to better align the Canadian Championships with international standards, while still maintaining meaningful competition and elements that are uniquely Canadian

3D Championships (Pilot Format for 2022):

2 Rounds of 24 Target, One arrow

Day 1 – Round 1 (24 Targets)

Day 2 – Round 2 (24 Targets)

Day 3 – Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) & Shoot Up

Round 1 & 2 will consist of 24 targets each for a total of 48. After 48 targets the top 8 will advance to the finals. The remaining competitors must shoot in the LCQ. In the LCQ scores will reset to zero and the top two after 10 targets will advance to the finals in 9th and 10th place respectively. If there is a tie after the Qualification rounds of 48 or the LCQ they will be broken by using the most number of 11’s. If there is still a tie then each archer will shoot one randomly chosen target on the finals field as a tiebreaker. The closest to the center of the 11 will be awarded the winner. Any archer outside the top 11 score will remain tied if the number of 11’s shoot are the same.

The finals venue will have a practice range available for archers who are waiting to shoot. The practice range will include bag and 3D targets out to the maximum distance archers will shoot in the finals

Shoot Up Format: There will be two pools of archers in each shoot up round. Each round will consist of 3 targets from one station. Both archers will shoot at the same time and at the same targets, in the order they select too. There will be a three minute time period to complete your shots. Shoot Up Pools will be as follows:

Pool 1: 10th Place vs 7th Place     Pool 2: 9th place vs 8th Place

Winner of 10v7 vs. 6th Place         Winner of 9v8 vs. 5th Place

Winner of above vs. 3rd place        Winner of above vs. 4th Place

Winner of above vs 2nd place qualifier     Winner of above vs 1st place qualifier

Winner vs Winner. 

The most points after three targets will advance onto the next round. If there is a tie after three targets there will be a one target shoot off and closet to the center will advance. If there is a tie for a medal another set of three targets will be shot. If there is still a tie after three targets then a single target will be shot with the closest to the center being awarded the higher position. 

If there are less than 6 participants in a class, medals will be awarded off the first two rounds of competition. Participants in these classes will be allowed to shoot in the shoot up or choose to shoot the relegation round. 

Classes with less thank six participants that shoot at the same shooting stake, may be combined for shoot up. Medals will still be awarded off the first 2 qualification rounds. 

Anyone who does not qualify for the shoot up, will be permitted to shoot in the last chance qualifier round prior to the Finals shoot up. 

Field Championship:

The format of the Canadian Field Championship will be:

Day 1: Modified Field Qualification Round – Two Field rounds each or 12 targets. One unmarked course and one marked course. When registration permits, the competition will be split to accommodate Recurve and Compound archers in different sessions. 

Day 2: The Elimination Round consists of the pool shoot-up process

Target Championship:

Day 1: Fred Usher Cup (see format below)

Day 2: Qualification Rounds –

  • Recurve: Shot on a 122 cm target face at distances of
    • 70m for Senior and Junior classes
    • 60m for Masters and Cadet Classes
    • 50m for Cub class
    • 30m for Pre-Cub Class
  • Compound: Shot on a 80 cm 6-ring target faces at distances of
    • 50m for Senior, Master, Junior and Cadet Classes
    • 40m for Cub slass
    • 30m for Pre-Cub class
  • Barebow: Shot on a 122 cm target face at distances of:
    • 50m for Senior, Master, Junior, and Cadet Classes
    • 40m for Cub Class
    • 30m for Pre-Cub Class

Day 3: Elimination Rounds – Compound, Recurve and Barebow

Fred Usher Cup: the Fred Usher Cup is undergoing a drastic change that moves it away from the current system utilizing a handicap system, and creating a team format that we expect to encourage a higher level and increased competitiveness. There is an additional registration fee for the Fred Usher with a Prize Payout schedule based on the fees collected. The new format is summarized below:

– 16 Team Format (with potential to increase)

– 1 team spot held for each PTSO: 

– BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PE, YK – possible: NF, NWT

– Spot is reserved until one month prior to National Championships

– Remaining 6 spots are open on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis to be composed of individual teams, which may be predetermined at the time of registration or randomly assigned by the organizing committee. Participants will be able to identify their preference at the time of registration.

– All teams are composed of 3 archers and must include a minimum of 1 Recurve, and 1 Female archer from any age class

– Regardless of class or division, all will shoot from 50m. on a full 80cm target face, no handicaps, cumulative scoring. 

– each team pays $200 to register or $70 per person

– 16 teams are put in 4 pools of 4 teams

– each pool shoots a round robin format (3 matches) – 2pts. For a win, 0 for a loss (no ties).

– top team from each pool goes into a semifinal grid, 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3 – based on total score of 3 Round Robin Matches

– Match winners go into Gold/Silver final match, match losers go into Bronze final match.

– Total purse (based on 16 teams) is $3200 – 1st – $1500, 2nd – $900, 3rd – $600. Cash prizes to be awarded at the time of the medals

Rules, as stated under Book 2, will not be in effect for the National 3D and Target Championships. Field Event rules, as stated in Book 2, will be in effect. A full summary of the rules that will be in place will be posted and distributed in March 2020. 


Athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive training and competitive environment that is free of abuse, harassment or discrimination. For information on our policies refer to:


Archery Canada reserves the right to take photos and video for training purposes and advertisement. This includes posting content to our social media accounts. We encourage our community to share content, photos, and stories of their experiences at these championships. All social media activity related to the Archery Canada Canadian Championships are subject to our Social Media and Code of Conduct polices.


There will be a medical team on-site throughout the competitions. Additional details will follow.

Doping control may be conducted for specific categories.For information on doping control procedures and banned substances, please go to


July in Prince Edward Island sits, historically, between 22 – 27 degrees Celsius, with generally clear skies or partly cloudy. July has an average monthly rainfall of 2 inches, but can be quite humid.

Weather Network link:


Prince Edward Island Archery
2225 Covehead Road
York PEI, C0A 1P0

Organizing Committee Chairs
Chair: Duncan Crawford
Vice Chair: TBD
Treasurer/Secretary: TBD
Event Manager: TBD
Technical Delegate: Aaron Bull & Jason March
Head Judge: TBD
DOS: Bill Embry